Posh Cat
Little Pet.
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Creatures of comfort, play and curiosity, your cat will receive lots of love and attention it deserves while you are away from home.

A pampered cat is a happy cat

Posh Cat

Day Visit (1 x 30 minute)                                                                                                    

£8 Mon-Fri    £9 Sat-Sun

Play, Water/food change, full coat brush

Deluxe Day Visit (2 x 30 minute)                                                                                    

£13 Mon-Fri   £15 Sat-Sun

Play, water/food changed, full coat brush, Let out and in, litter changed (if needed)

Additional cats from the same house hold, £5 Mon-Fri     £6 Sat-Sun

While you're away the cats will play, by choosing Posh Cat sitting service you are taking away the stress of the time it takes to book into cat boarding and most of all the removing of your loveable kitty from its home.

Holiday time ???

Well don't worry, not only will your furry little friend be looked after but also part of the service will include aspects of home security. Ranging from opening and closing windows, picking up mail, watering plants and turning lights on and off (discussed at consolation)

Block bookings are discounted, free consultation and most off all

free cat treat