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It's all about looking good and feeling good.

Getting your pet regally groomed not only maintains a healthy coat but also acts as a health check.

Ears, Eyes, Tail, Nose and Nails

Posh Groom

Please contact me via mobile 07971 467670 or email with details of size and breed and we can talk about what you and your pet (dogs and cats) are looking for.

Grooming consists of:     

                                       Coat brushing



   Scissor trim

   Blow dry

   Nails trimmed

All grooming is tailor made to suit pet and owner.

Doggie Massage

You've probably already realized how much your dog loves a good ear or tummy rub, so why not teat your loveably friend to a full four legged body massage.

It not only relaxes your pet but can help to decrease muscle pain, increases circulation, relieves stress and promotes flexibility

Contact me for more details on massage's and prices £££

Free consultation and pet treat